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What is a Stanford Heights Volunteer Firefighter?

Stanford Heights Volunteer Firefighters are people who are dedicated to the welfare of their community. They are individuals who are driven to perform to the best of their abilities under the most stressful circumstances and willing to train hard to overcome challenging obstacles. Stanford Heights prides itself with members who exemplify a high degree of both physical and mental aptitude while responding to emergency situations. Not only are members of Stanford Heights hard working, thick-skinned characters they are also compassionate, levelheaded and understanding members of the community who help their neighbors in times of great tragedy. No single individual exhibits every trait of a good Firefighter but those who have a burning desire to help their community and improve themselves are always welcome as members of the Stanford Heights Fire Department.


Besides the great personal satisfaction of being a valuable asset and a public servant to the greater community, the Stanford Heights Fire District offers many incentives to those who volunteer. Free training, state scholarships for local colleges, and certain tax breaks are just a few of the benefits available. The district also provides worker's compensation, and life insurance to all active members. Firefighters will improve their leadership and public relations skills with every response and community event they attend. Fire Departments throughout the world pride themselves in a strong sense of family and comradery and Stanford Heights is no different in that aspect.

Schenectady County Volunteer Incentives


•Must be 15 years of age at the time of application

•Must Reside within 3 miles of the Stanford Heights Fire District line

•Must be in good standing within the community

•Must be able to attend regular drills and meetings

•See application for additional requirements

Application Process

Once the application has been received the Investigation Committee will review it. During the process of reviewing an applicant the committee will also complete a background check to ensure the applicant is in good standing within the community. Applicants who the committee find favorable will be contacted within two weeks in order to schedule an interview. Final acceptance of an applicant will be subject to a majority vote by all current members, whereupon an accepted applicant will further be designated as a Probationary Member.



Meetings & Events

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